Reddi HVAC specializes in boiler maintenance, repair, removal and installation. We are GCAP certified to handle any boiler issues you’re having.  We provide service to the Wichita area and surrounding communities, and even offer 24/7 emergency service.

We service all boiler types – gas, electric, fire-tube, water-tube, steam, hydronic, etc. We offer fast, responsive and professional service and guarantee our work will be done right the first time. We also are equipped to service both residential and commercial customers.

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Boiler Maintenance

We provide customers with preventative boiler maintenance in order to avoid problems and repairs in the future. Our maintenance service include cleaning, checks for cracks, leaks and other red flags, a carbon monoxide checkup and an entire additional checklist of efficiency issues that can arise. We’ll also give you an assessment of how your boiler is performing and any recommendations for future performance.

Boiler Repair

If your boiler is experiencing problems, the best time to deal with them is now in order to prevent more costly repairs later. We can not only repair your boiler, but if it is beyond repair we can provide you with an assessment of how your boiler is performing and how much life it has left.

Boiler Removal

If your boiler is beyond repair, we can remove and dispose of it for you. Old boilers are large, heavy and can be too much for the average home owner to manage. Let us remove your old boiler safely and without hassle so you don’t have to deal with it.

Boiler Installation

If you need a new boiler installed, Reddi has the technicians to install it right the first time. We will assess your situation and recommend which type of boiler you need and how to maximize the efficiency of your system.

Emergency Services

If your boiler is down, we know you can’t wait for a contractor’s schedule to clear to have it repaired. That’s why we offer emergency repair services to get the problem fixed as soon as possible so you can be back to normal operation with minimum downtime.

If you need boiler services in the Wichita metro area, call Reddi HVAC today.